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Understanding 3D

Projektnummer: 4008


Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Université de Genève
Rue Général Dufour 24
1211 Genève 4



Prof. Markus Gross
Institute of Scientific Computing, ETHZ
Prof. Thomas Vetter
Departement Informatik, University of Basle


This project aims at providing fundamentals in 3D Computer Graphics to bachelor students who expect to join masters in Multimedia, 3D Computer Graphics or 3D Visualization without prior knowledge in this area. This course will also be useful for master students in areas that apply 3D Computer Graphics, such as Architecture, , Physics or Geography. This project is motivated by the hypothesis that understanding 3D Computer Graphics requires a good balance between interactive visual demonstration of the concepts and practice of these concepts. Most of the existing attempts for online Computer Graphics courses focus only on the demonstration aspect and neglect the interactive practice aspect. The whole system will be an integrated combination of hypertext course notes, multimedia material and interactive examples to illustrate the course. The role of the examples will be particularly important as they will serve at illustrating and demonstrating the main concepts of the course and at training students to master these concepts. Basically, two levels of examples will be made available within the course: demonstration and practice. These examples will be explored interactively in 3D using the X3D technology for publishing rich interactive 3D web content.

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