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SVC Days 2003 and the e-education event in Lucerne, KKL, May 26th - 28th, 2003
(October 22, 2002)

Ladies and Gentlemen
We would like to give you a first short information about the planned SVC Days 2003 in the framework of the e-education event in Lucerne, KKL, May 26th - 28th, 2003. The event contains three tracks and an exhibition:
- SVC Days 2003 Public presentation of the Swiss Virtual Campus Discussion forum for the SVC Community (launched by the SVC Coordination together with the University of Lucerne)
- ICNEE05 International Conference on New Learning Environments (launched by Eduswiss/Net4Net)
- E-Training Campus Business: E-Learning in enterprises (launched by Telecol Online)
- Exhibition Presentation of e-learning offers, platforms, courses etc. (launched by the organizers of the last Worlddidac)
Presentation of SVC projects via e-posters (launched by the SVC Coordination together with the University of Lucerne)
These tracks are separate, with independent programmes, with separate organization and registration, but all take place at the same time in the KKL, all share the same lunch and coffee areas. A common overall organization committee is looking for synergies.
A common public opening event gives a picture of the Swiss e-learning scene to a large public.
This structure should allow a maximum of possibilities for networking, as well as of independence of the four tracks. If you are interested to contribute to the SVC Days 2003, please let us know. The detailed programme isn't available yet, but we see the following rough outlines:
- Monday May 26th: Common public opening event in the afternoon, with presentation of the state of the SVC
- Tuesday May 27th: SVC Community Day - workshops, discussion forums
- Wednesday May 28th: SVC Community Day in the morning - common public final event in the afternoon.
The details of the framework - conference dinners, city tour etc. - will be specified later.
We hope that the e-education event will offer the possibility to find many new contacts and to refresh many old ones, and that it will be a source of information and inspiration. We hope that the SVC Days 2003 will be a particularly useful meeting point for the SVC projects. Before defining the detailed programme we will wait for feedback about the SVC event "Field tests and sustainability" on December 3rd / 4th, 2002, in Berne. Your propositions for the SVC Days 2003 are welcome.

With best regards

Cornelia Rizek-Pfister and Maryline Maillard

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