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Immunology online

Immunology online is a web-based immunology course for students at the bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. It covers all aspects of fundamental immunology and offers three distinct approaches to learning: clinical case-based learning, article-based learning and Structure to function.
Produkttyp: Lerninhalt
Disziplin: Medizin, Pharmazie, Gesundheit
Themen: immunology
Vorteile: Immunology online offers numerous high-quality animations that illustrate complex concepts, self-assessements, a virtual microscope to learn about lymphoid organ's histology and pedagogical approaches to access content through clinical cases and annotated articles.
Sprachen: Englisch

Nathalie Debard, ISREC, Chemin des Boveresses 155, CH-1066 Epalinges.


Online Ressourcen: (password protected)
Letztes Update: February 2007
Benutzer und Referenzen: Immunology online is used at the university of Lausanne via the portal UNIL (, at EPFL via the portal EPFL (, at the national center research of Cairo ( and at the pasteur institute of Paris (
Lernmodalität: blended teaching
Pädagogisches Szenario: Immunology online is not used as such for e-learning, e-teaching and e-training. Instead, it serves as repositories to build portals in which the content and the learning activities are customized to the needs of specific groups of learners and trainees.
Eigentumsrecht: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


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