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Dermatology online with interactive technology

Project ID: 991017
Project outline
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Course platform:Proprietary server extensions
Technical concepts:Content and cases are edited in XML format (simplified docbook DTD). Students are guided through cases in an interactive and intelligent way.

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Günter Burg
Dermatologische Klinik
Universitätsspital Zürich
Gloriastrasse 31
8091 Zürich

Project Coordinator

Dr. Roger Kropf
Dermatologische Klinik
Universitätsspital Zürich
8091 Zürich

Project Partners

Prof. Dr. Th. Rufli
Universität Basel
Prof. Dr. L. Braathen
Universität Bern
Prof. Dr. P. Elsner
Friedrich Schiller Unversität, Jena (D)
Prof. Dr. R. Panizzon
Université de Lausanne
Prof. Dr. K. Dittrich
Universität Zürich
PD Dr. med. Stefan Lautenschlager
Stadtspital Triemli


In the field of medicine Dermatology is an ideal speciality to develop multimedial teaching concepts, because the skin as an organ is readily accessible and visual aspects are very important.

The CyberDerm DOIT project is a program for dermatological training of medical students as well as of postgraduates. It consists of three modules:

  1. CyberLecture; a virtual lecture text and atlas, accessible via the internet
  2. CyberTrainer; an interactive training unit (virtual dermatology clinic). This is a computer program with exercises on diagnoses, diagnostic procedures and therapy, both to be used offline and online via internet. The cases presented will be updated regularly.
  3. CyberNet; an interactive teleconferencing system, which will be used for discussion of case-presentations (from part 2) in analogy to bedside teaching, but without the need for the patient to be present, and no need for the physical attendance of students and teachers.
Parts 1 and 3 already exist. Part 3 (as dermanet communication suite) is already used on a regular basis for discussion of difficult cases with other universiy dermatology centers and practitioners; it is also suitable for sixth year students.

The combined use of the three modules will provide the stage for problem-oriented learning for students and improve their skills in dermatology, for the benefit of dermatological patients.

Moreover the involvement of multiple centers and of specialists for didactic and informatics promote distribution of the program throughout the country and abroad to other german speaking countries.

French, Italian or English speaking versions of some parts of the program (especially patient modules) are planned in cooperation with the recently established European Confederation of Telemedical Organisations in Dermatology (EctoDerm).

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