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SVC Days Lucerne - what you can do for 20 CHF
(May 22, 2003)

after the SVC Days the SVC Infos will be in German and French again

Ladies and Gentlemen
Maybe some of you might think about going to Lucerne after considering the following:
1 - For 20 CHF you can enter the exhibition at the e-education (KKL, Lucerne, May 26 - 28, ). There, at the SVC stand, you can follow all the SVC project presentations and see the e-posters.
2 - Lunch and coffee areas are controlled (badges). The passage from the exhibition hall to the SVC Days conference rooms will not be controlled. It's a bit sad to have no lunch or coffee but...
3 - The SVC sunset trip (May 27, pier 1, 19h - 21.40h) is on the regular sunset ship: 1st class, an SVC group with special dinner. The ship is open to everybody who pays the transport fee.
4 - The discussions "Contacts with Continuing Education in Swiss Universities" and "Contacts with Highschool Teaching" are open to all SVC projects - first discussions about possible collaborations. Accessible via the exhibition.
If you come on Wednesday after 13h and if you explain what you want to do, the registration desk should let you in for free.
If you go to Lucerne and take some digital photos, please send them to us! We would like to put them on the SVC website.
Thanks a lot! We hope to meet you in Lucerne!
Best regards

Cornelia Rizek-Pfister

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