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Tagungseinladung eQuality 11. April
(February 20, 2003)

Ladies and Gentlemen
The SVC Mandate eQuality will organise a conference on April 11 (german spoken); you are very kindly invited.
I hope that you will have the possibility to attend the conference even if you register after the indicated delay (February 28...). I'm looking forward to meeting you there.
Best regards

Cornelia Rizek-Pfister

PS: I will be on holiday next week, but you can contact Maryline Maillard,, or Theres Bieri,, the new full time SVC secretary. Hans-Martin Bürki-Spycher has left us again, alas! Nadja Hänni now mainly works for the programme "Chancengleichheit / égalité des chances". And, by the way: The slides of Tony Bates (SVC event Dec. 4, 2002) are now available at:

Dr. Tony Bates,
Director, Distance Education and Technology,
Continuing Studies,
University of British Columbia,
Room 1170, 2329 West Mall,
Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel.: (1)-604-822-1646
Fax: (1)-604-822-8636
Personal Web site:
Dept. Web site:
Research Web site:

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