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Experiences with SVC-Projects
eFeed: 2) Recipe for success, stumbling blocks

SVC: How was e-Feed implemented?

Dr. Regine Straub: Prof. Dr. Marcel Wanner (picture) had the idea to develop a CD-ROM to teach the subject of animal feeds. He looked for colleagues who would be interested in this project and met with great enthusiasm. This was the first time that the animal feed experts of both Vetsuisse faculties of Berne and Zurich, of the ETH Zurich and of the research institute Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux collaborated to put a project into practice.

When the Zurich University centre for e-learning informed the lecturers about the 3rd impulse phase of the Swiss Virtual Campus, the newly formed project team submitted their application for the e-Feed project, which was soon accepted.

The project grew constantly over the years, and so did the motivation to implement more than was originally planned. This way the e-Feed team did not only create more teaching contents, but initiated the build up of an extensive data base on animal feeds.

Looking back, what did you enjoy?

We established many interdisciplinary contacts and friendly relationships. This supported the exchange of information among the experts and greatly improved collaboration.

What problems occurred during the realisation of the project?

It took some time to define the competences and tasks. But the enthusiasm to be part of the project soon transformed into sufficient energy to take on the challenge.

What would have been helpful in this respect?

Particularly in the initial phase we would have benefited from field reports of other active project teams, e.g. to get examples of the special requirements regarding the didactics of computer-based learning. And even on the practical side, such as the working out of cost plans, a more frequent exchange among the projects would have been welcome. Apart from the more intensive communication with other project teams I would have appreciated a closer cooperation with the competence centre.


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2) Recipe for success, stumbling blocks
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