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Project outline

Zurich University (Project Leader)
ETH Zurich
Bern University
Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH
Business partners: dipl. Ing. Fredy Schori,
Federal Research Institute for Livestock, Posieux

eFeed offers students of veterinary medicine and agricultural sciences e-courses in animal feed. The main learning goals are: a knowledge of the most important feedstuffs, their nutritive values and particular characteristics, and their practical application with economic animals. As e-Feed will be fully integrated with the curricula, students must take and pass the e-learning course in order to gain the requisite credits.

The Internet course consists of three units. All feedstuffs and secondary products are presented in a reference work (database). The analytical methods are given in the Animal Feed Analyses chapter. A learning module opens with a presentation of the learning goals. This is followed by the problem, which can be dealt with on a practical basis in the ensuing exercises. Students can check their knowledge by taking a progress test. Feedback is provided, enabling them to decide whether they want to repeat the module or go on to the next.

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