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Mission Statements

The Federal Program Swiss Virtual Campus (SVC) is dedicated to promoting innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based eLearning at Swiss Universities at a high level of quality that is commensurate with that provided at the top international institutions in the field. To assure the high quality of the programme, an expert Steering Committee has been appointed, to select the most appropriate project proposals, to allocate federal funding with sustainable targets in mind, to create the best possible national eLearning environment and to motivate institutions (Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences), teachers and learners to collaborate.

Boosting e-learning
In the eLearning vision of the Swiss Virtual Campus, the latest research findings will be implemented, using relevant pedagogic, didactic and instructional design methods, state-of-the art interactive and multimedia-based implementations and recognized authorware, to boost e-learning resource production and application efficiency. In the light of growing student numbers, the Swiss Virtual Campus management expressly supports the implementation of eLearning courses in regular University curricula and their use as a partial substitution for 'ex-cathedra' offerings.

Implementation of Bologna resolution
Individual learning responsibilities are fostered, together with the interweaving with the Bologna process and the awarding of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) recognition for successful course completion. The strategies of the Swiss Virtual Campus go hand in hand with the implementation of the Bologna resolution, especially with regard to mobility. The consolidation program particularly aims at gradually institutionalizing the production and support of eLearning within Swiss universities.

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