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Project outline
PTO Psychopathology Taught Online

Zurich University (Project Leader)
Basel, Berne, Fribourg and Geneva Universities
Abroad: Salzburg (A) Universities

The Psychopathology Taught Online (PTO) project has two goals:

  • The development of a qualitatively high-grade virtual learning environment for psychopathological disturbance patterns. It complements the university curricula.
  • The technical development of innovative tools for individual specialized knowledge diagnosis concerning knowledge map processes.
PTO is designed for use in the study of adult psychopathology. It is also suitable for use in clinical psychology, psychiatry and, possibly, post-graduate continuous education (psychiatry and psychotherapy).

PTO aims to provide basic knowledge and detailed expertise in the field of psychopathological disturbance patterns. The program comprises approximately 80 basic modules/disturbance patterns. Each module consists of introductory texts, linked references to etiology, phenomenology, prevalence, therapy, etc., as well as interactive case studies. According to circumstances, these modules are expanded by cases of a more complex nature, as well as videos of diagnostic conversations and therapy sessions. PTO is built around three self-contained learning phases, each of which ends with an ECTS test.

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