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Introduction to English Historical Linguistics

Project ID: 4002

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Piller
Englisches Seminar
Universität Basel
Nadelberg 6
4051 Basel

Project Coordinator

Dr. phil. Guillaume Schiltz
Englisches Seminar
Universität Basel
Nadelberg 6
4051 Basel

Project Partners

Prof. Dr. Jürg Schwyter
Section d'anglais, University of Lausanne
Prof. Dr. Andras J. Jucker
Englisches Seminar, University of Zurich


Closely linked to the Bologna process this project introduces a number of improvements for small and medium sized departments. These advantages can be located at the following levels:

  • structural level: the efficient use and management of teaching resources within the BA/MA-curriculum.
  • didactic level: the clear shift from teacher-centred to learner-centred methods and the promotion of essential soft skills such as media competence and social competence within learning communities.

With regard to contents, the e-learning project eHistLing provides an innovative introduction to English historical linguistics. Based on a blended-learning approach, the course combines alternative didactic pathways to create an efficient and motivating web-based learning environment that promotes online communication and cooperation in order to support cognitive and social networking processes.

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