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Experience with SVC Projects
Pharma2: "A Success"
Anna-Barbara Utelli

(Cont. Salome Lichtsteiner, doctoral student and project coordinator,
Anna-Barbara Utelli, current project coordinator)

Anna-Barbara Utelli: „We would like to expand our test system in the consolidation phase. We want to be able to grant credit points. This will mean incorporating a user administration. We will also handle content and didactic adjustments based on student evaluations. Salome Lichtsteiner is conducting these evaluations as part of a dissertation.

We are very keen on international cooperative ventures. An agreement with the first cooperation partner in Germany is almost ready for signing.“

Framework/integration with teaching
Evaluation, Salome Lichtsteiner
Evaluation, Anna-Barbara Utelli
"Secret of Success"
Project outline "Pharmasquare"

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