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Project outline
  H-bridge - Development, realisation, testing and implementation in the curricula of a course module entitled "H bridge" from the power electronics syllabus which can be studied via the World Wide Web

University of Applied Sciences of both Cantons of Basle Northwest Switzerland (Project Leader),
University of Applied Sciences for Technology Buchs, University of Applied Sciences Zurich, Winterthur,
ETH Zurich, Biel School of College of Engineering and Architecture,
Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen, ABB Industrie AG, Turgi

Engineers with a special knowledge of power electronics are in great demand. The H-Bridge e-course is not restricted by time and location factors, which opens up the possibility of targeting new groups for this discipline.

The courseware is divided into concise learning modules (e.g. Modulation Processes, Applications with Semiconductors). The modules consist of a learning block, a practical section and a test block. A learning goal is set at the beginning of each module.

The final tests show students whether they have achieved the goal. If they have not, the system tells them which chapters they need to repeat. Those who pass all the tests can take the exam at the technical college.

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