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Project outline
Market Research Interactive: Data Collection - Analysis and Interpretation

St. Gallen University (Project Leader)
Basel University of Applied Sciences
Basel University
Business Partners: Opinion Research Institute, Allensbach, GfK Martkforschungsinstitut, Nuremberg

This course is divided into two parts with a total of five modules.

Part I - Illustration of different research methods: after a short introduction to the market research process in Module I, students are invited to select market research methods in Module II which are then presented in detail. Part II - Market Research Coach: selection and implementation of research methods. Module III, data collection: based on real cases taken from everyday practice, students put together an appropriate set of methods. They receive feedback. As an additional task, they have to draw up a survey plan. Module IV, data analysis: by specifying an analysis goal and data quality, the intention is to train students to use the correct analysis method. They receive automatically generated feedback for each selection made. The didactic emphasis is on the relevant frontal teaching sessions, in which data sets are analysed using statistical methods. Module V, data interpretation: fictitious corporate situations serve to illustrate and discuss different possibilities of interpretation. This module is supported by examples drawn from the practice of market research institutes.

Each decision made by students is linked to actual facts, and facilitates the transfer of knowledge at a later stage to the practice-oriented formulation of questions.

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