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Technology used in SVC-Projects

Project Platform Technical choices

200108 TropEduWeb (homepage)Hyperwave 

200105 Introduction to Systems Theory and Analysis for ...Hyperwave 

200119 CALIS (homepage)Moodle 

991037 Mesosworld (homepage)OLAT 

200102 ALPECOLe (homepage)OLATPrototype on Apache Tomcat 

200114 SUPPREM (homepage)Oracle iLearning 

200150 Basic and Clinical Pharmacologypnnplatform pnn: 

991024 Computers for HealthPrometheus (based on Coldfusion) 

200129 Immunology online (homepage)proprietary in house developmentASP scripting language & SQL Server database 

200154 VSLproprietary in house developmentInteractive application based on SQL, XML, Java/WebObjects, HTML and QuickTime/MPEG-4 technologies 

991028 Objective Earth (homepage)proprietary in house developmentText is stored as XML (with metadata, title, etc.), media objects are stored as Flash. A flash user interface is generated dynamically using xsl and asp. 

991042 BiotechLAB (homepage)proprietary in house developmentcms with SQL-Database, simulations using Stella Research and java applets 

200152 AD Learn (homepage)proprietary in-house developmentHTML content, XML specified navigation tree, testing based on Questionmark, user management based on securisite, Videostreaming based on solutions by real 

200155 FE-Transferproprietary in-house development 

200156 pharmasquare (homepage)proprietary in-house development 

991011 General chemistry (homepage)proprietary in-house development 

991048 eBioMed (homepage)proprietary in-house development 

200158 E-Cidproprietary in-house development 

3087 GPS (homepage)proprietary in-house developmentHTML content, XML specified navigation tree, testing based on Questionmark Perception, user management based on ITSec, Videostreaming based on solutions by RealNetworks 

991031 European Law Onlineproprietary in-house development based on Apache and PHP 

991026 POLEproprietary in-house development based on IIS, Quickplace, Sametimeproprietary extensions realized by industry partner "Nemetschek, Fides und Partner" 

991050 Basic course in Medicine and Pharmacology (homepage)proprietary in-house development based on PHP 

991017 DOITProprietary server extensionsContent and cases are edited in XML format (simplified docbook DTD). Students are guided through cases in an interactive and intelligent way. 

991032 EmbryologyStandard web server, WebCT 

200113 Information TheoryWebCT 

200116 Antiquit@s (homepage)WebCT 

200132 Oecotrophology (homepage)WebCT 

200136 OPESS (homepage)WebCTContent development based on XML (LMML). The self developed converter doc2xml, translates Word documents into platform independent HTML format. Media types: Flash, Java, Impatica, sound and video technologies 

200147 Family Law Online (homepage)WebCT 

991009 Latinum electronicum (homepage)WebCTFlash based self tests. 

991018 SOMIT (homepage)WebCT 

991023 Dealing with natural hazards (homepage)WebCT 

991025 Financial Markets (homepage)WebCT 

991035 Postgraduate Courses in a Hybrid Classroom using... (homepage)WebCTAll students are equipped with a wireless, pen based PC (Voyager) 

991036 Do it your soil (homepage)WebCT 

991041 eduswiss online (homepage)WebCT 

991043 VITELSWebCT 

991051 artcampus (homepage)WebCT 

991053 SWISSLING (homepage)WebCT 

991058 MACS (homepage)WebCT 

991061 Internet based course on Fundamentals of Signals... (homepage)WebCT 

200101 ViLoLa (homepage)WebCT 

200107 H-Bridge (homepage)WebCTAnimations and simulations implemented as Java applets. Offline circuit simulation tool Plecs (based on Matlab) 

991019 e-Ducation in environmental managementWebCT (static content), Tomcat (dynamic content)Servlets on Tomcat application server with MS SQL-Server. Video sequences distributed on CD-ROM. 

991021 Corporate Finance (homepage)WebCT or proprietary developmentFlash-based interactions and simulations. Many self-tests are implemented as Excel-sheets. 

200128 GITTA (homepage)WebCT, CocoonContent developed in a self-made didactical XML framework 

991054 FNL (homepage)WebCT, MS Sharepoint 

200133 i-Structures (homepage)Windows 2000 ServerDynamic page generation using PHP, in combination with a database to store info from Applets, tracking and exercises. 

991002 Nano-World (homepage)Zope with customizationsJava-based remotely controlled microscope. Raytracing generated images. 

991015 BOMS (homepage)Zope with customizationsJava applets to visualize and experiment with statistical concepts 

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