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Experience with SVC Projects
eCF: 1) Evaluation

Benjamin Wilding, eCF project manager.

«Our eCF project (Get involved in Corporate Finance) has been continuously and fully evaluated over the past 5 years. During this period, the number of participants rose from 200 to nearly 450 students per year. At the last evaluation (WS 05/06), 88% of participants stated that learning with eCF was useful, and only 22% of students would prefer traditional lectures. The students also valued the support in the forums, with only 8% saying that support from coaches was unnecessary. The overall response was also positive. 89% rated the course units as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, and only 7% of all participants said they would stop accessing the eCF course.»


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1) Evaluation
2) Recipe for success, Stumbling blocks
3) Integration within teaching
4) Outlook
Overview "experiences "
Project outline "eCF: Corporate Finance"

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