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Organization SVC Consolidation Program

In accordance with the Federal Council’s message, the Swiss Virtual Campus is to be run by the existing Swiss University Conference and taken over by the new SUC when it commences operations.

Two bodies were set up to prepare and implement the entire Programme: the SVC Commission and the SVC Steering Committee. The creation of two supervisory bodies ensures that there is close contact with universities, which is essential for the success of the Programme, and that the proposals submitted are given an impartial assessment by recognised specialists.

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The main responsibilities of the institutions are as follows:

Swiss University Conference (SUC)
Under the agreement between the Swiss government and the university cantons on collaboration in the university field, the SUC provides project-linked funds (Art. 6 Para. 1 Item b) and thus assumes responsibility for the Programme. It approves the Implementation Plan and appoints the members of the Steering Committee and its chair upon the proposal of the CRUS.

Rector's Conference of the Swiss Universities (CRUS)
The development of online courses and their integration with university curricula are eminently academic areas. Together with the opportunity to strengthen the engagement of the rectorates at the local level through the creation of competence centres, it was deemed appropriate that the operational implementation of the SVC Programme at the national level should also come under the rectorates. This approach was approved by the CRUS, to which the operational implementation was entrusted as of 1 January 2004. The programme coordination office (administration) will be attached to the CRUS for administrative purposes, in the same way as it is now under the SUC. In addition, the CRUS ensures the link between the rectorates and the Programme, a function hitherto handled by the SVC Commission, which was wound up at the end of 2003.

SVC Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is responsible for implementing the Programme. Its brief is as follows:

  • to carry out the Implementation Plan for 2004-2007
  • to define the qualitative criteria for project selection
  • to organize submissions for projects
  • to evaluate and select drafts and project applications for universities, and propose finance plans for them
  • to evaluate drafts and project applications for universities of applied sciences and forward them to the OPET
  • to monitor and support projects during their development phase
  • to define the mandates to support the Programme and the development of projects; it can decide to place mandates up to an amount of 50,000 francs per contract
  • to submit reports
  • to inform the public

The Steering Committee consists of 10 members, including the chair and two foreign experts. The State Secretariat for Education and Research SER (former Federal Office for Education and Science FOES), OPET, CRUS und SUC each delegate a permanent observer. Guests may be invited to take part in meetings.

The Committee may set up technical groups. It submits its financial proposals to the CRUS for the attention of the SUC.

Coordination of the SVC Program
The main task of the SVC coordination office (administration) is to assist the Steering Committee in the performance of its duties and in securing the link with and between university competence centres. Its other tasks include:

  • responsibility for all matters pertaining to programme organization
  • drafting of qualitative and financial reports
  • budget preparation
  • following up mandates and projects in cooperation with the Steering Committee
  • Event organization.

State Secretariat for Education and Research SER ( former Federal Office for Education and Science FOES)
The SER is responsible for credit management, auditing and reporting, and issues guidelines for this purpose.

Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET) The OPET promotes the introduction of eLearning at the Universities of Applied Sciences. The OPET is also represented in the Steering Committee SVC.

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