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Nicephor[e]: 1) Recipe for success

Romain Voisard

Julien Furrer

Romain Voisard, project manager, Julien Furrer, IT specialist, Christophe Champod project leader Nicephor[e].

A main technical factor of success of the project nicephor[e] is the global architecture of the system. The architecture of the system guarantees ease of use and maintenance, flexibility, and interoperability. Moreover, the technological choices benefits of stability over time by the use of SCROM/IMS specifications dedicated specifically to e-learning content” explains Julien Furrer, IT specialist.
Actually, the e-learning system Nicephor[e] is a framework of three interconnected systems, each one dedicated to some specialized functions:

  • A content management system (CMS) as repository of learning objects (LOs).
  • A learning management system (LMS) as organizer and distributor of LOs in learning modules that can be used in different learning contexts.
  • A digital assets management system (DAM) as extensible image collection and knowledge base of forensic photographic techniques.

Legend: The e-learning system Nicephor[e] is a framework of three interconnected systems.

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1) Recipe for success
2) Integration within teaching
3) Evaluation
4) Outlook
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Project outline "Nicephor[e]"

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