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Project outline
Winner Medida-Prix 2003 pharmasquare: Course of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in a Virtual Laboratory

Basle University (Project Leader)
ETH Zurich, Neuchâtel University,
Abroad: Erlangen-Nuremberg University (D),
Laboratoire de Pharmacochemie de la Communication Cellulaire, Illkirch (F),
BASF AG, Ludwigshafen (D), Biografics Laboratory 3D, Basle

The pharma2 blended learning concept combines various forms of conventional and virtual teaching designed to promote learning in the area of pharmaceutical chemistry in an optimal manner. As the lecture is prepared and subsequently reviewed individually with web-based technology (WBT) modules, a greater number of more challenging themes can be discussed in lectures and seminars.

Thanks to the new technologies, it is possible to use 3D effects and animations to depict complex subjects such as molecular structures and interactions in the WBT modules. A wide variety of tests are available in the PharmAskYou test system to monitor individual learning progress. They include VILab, a video-based interactive learning and testing system with which students can prepare for challenging lab methods in a virtual environment.

A glimpse at the course
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Overview "Medicine, Pharmacy, Health"
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