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Experience with SVC Projects
eCF: 2) Recipe for success, Stumbling blocks

«The eCF course was included in the teaching programme from the start and was carefully evaluated. Each year, the course concept was reviewed by using the evaluation results, and adapted where necessary. We were thus able to ensure that the course meets the students’ needs and is used by them.
To ensure the financial security of the eCF course, it is being offered to external students involved in continuing education. As a result, the course content remains up-to-date, and the continued existence of the project team, which consists mainly of graduate students acting as tutors, can be assured.
The participants are supported by more advanced students who successfully completed the course the previous year. They are paid by an allocation of ETCS points rather than receiving a financial reward. It means that we can achieve a good tutoring relationship without great financial outlay.

Challenges: The most difficult task was the development of a concept that was geared to the students’ needs. To achieve this, we had to move away from the original idea of distance learning and pursue a blended learning approach. Another challenge is the coordination of the various different media and linking the self-learning component with direct teaching. Encouraging interaction between the students also presented problems at first. However, during the last semester, a breakthrough was achieved with regard to activities in the forums. In total, more than 15,000 contributions were made, an average of 38 contributions per student.»

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1) Evaluation
2) Recipe for success, Stumbling blocks
3) Integration within teaching
4) Outlook
Overview "experiences "
Project outline "eCF: Corporate Finance"

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