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University of Applied Sciences Berne (Project Leader)
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Solothurn, SUPSI, Swiss University of Applied Sciences for Distance Learning,
ETH Zurich, Swiss Agency for ICT in Education CTIE, Berne

Sharing knowledge does not seem to be the usual practice in the teaching field. The idea is that the methodological know-how gleaned from various Swiss Virtual Campus projects should now be made accessible to all concerned. Forum New Learning, a joint project of the Swiss technical colleges, has been set up for this purpose.

Forum New Learning is a knowledge exchange platform and network of competencies for teaching and learning with new technologies. It is also a centre for methodical counselling and support as well as a provider of various tools for all technical colleges in Switzerland.

The project has established a learning community whose network of competencies and learning objects database allow members to share their knowledge. New members can register at
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