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Nicephor[e]: 2)Integration within teaching

Christophe Champod

The web learning platform is currently integrated at the ESC in all general photographic or microscopic courses. It also covers all the photographic aspects of other courses specific to a given forensic topic: crime scene investigation, fingerprints, microtraces, etc. A course on digital photography has been also already deployed at EPFL. “The extended integration of the on-line initiative in various teaching settings delivered by a wide range of teachers promotes a culture of acceptance of e-learning activities within the institutions” says Professor Christophe Champod.

“Specifically, the CVS initiative had profound impact on the management of images within our institution taking advantage of the DAM: firstly  in the manner of handling forensic images in terms of chain of custody and secondly in the production of image-based casework portfolios for advanced forensic courses” adds Professor Champod.

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