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IIIII Antiquit@s 200116
Deciphering Latin and Greek inscriptions on stone tablets. Step by step. With progressive levels of difficulty
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The art of argumentation.
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IIIII artcampus 991051
Exploring art history: Assemble stage sets, investigate the laws of perspective.
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IIIII BioSym 4016
The systems biology courses combine biology and mathematics. Participants will learn how biological processes can be described in mathematical terms, how biological concepts can be translated into mathematical models and how simulations can help to better understand and analyze complex biological systems.

BioSym Training Courses
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IIIII Corporate Finance 991021
Portfolio theory with Harry Markowitz, exercises, downloadable Excel files and explanatory Flash films.
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IIIII Dealing with natural hazards 991023

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IIIII eBioMed 991048
An example of LENA© Hypertext Manager and LENA© Content Delivery System - "on-the-fly" personalized learning module about physiology of neurons.
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IIIII FE-Transfer 200155
Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Draws on practical examples from industry to assist the learning process.
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IIIII General chemistry 991011
States of matter, stoichiometry, mole, proton, electron, isotope… Beg your pardon? Brush up on your basic chemistry.
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IIIII Latinum electronicum 991009
Latin grammar, as much fun as looking for Easter eggs. Interactive exercises, as exciting as a detective story.
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IIIII Nano-World 991002
Find out how atomic friction works.
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Beobachten Sie, wie Material durch Maschinen wandert. Und lernen Sie dabei den Unterschied zwischen "Job shop" und "Flow shop" kennen.
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IIIII pharmasquare 200156
Do you know how flu viruses multiply? Or how they are transmitted? The Flu Module explains it all very graphically, using Flash animations.
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Lernen Sie die wichtigsten Theorien im Sport-Management kennen.
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Watch the bits whizzing around. Find out about the latest telecommunication techniques.
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IIIII 4026
Visual-Literacy or the ability to evaluate, apply, or create conceptual visual representations. Find out & improve your visual literacy by looking at:
Visualization for Business & Communication

Visualization for Engineering & Communication

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