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SVC Info Archive

Documents of the Impulse Program 2000 - 2003

1st Call for Projects

2nd Call for Projets

WBC Tools Workshops

1st Swiss Virtual Campus Developers Meeting

SVC Information Day 2001

Media Presentation Bern

Seminar "Field tests and sustainability"

SVC Flyers in English, Italian, French and German (pdf, each ca. 512 kb; for double-printing on A4 paper and folding in three)

Reporting 2001 – General statements about the state of the SVC:
Report#1 (pdf, 64 KB, in German)
Report #2 (pdf, 56 KB, in German)

Kapitel 141.23 in der Botschaft über die Förderung von Bildung, Forschung und Technologie in den Jahren 2000-2003, vom 25. November 1998.

Steering Committee 2000 – 2003

Program contents: Goals of the Swiss Virtual Campus

Program contents: Organization SVC Impulse Program

Documents of the Consolidation Program 2004 - 2007

Provisional information about the SVC Consolidation Programme (pdf, 100 KB)

Proposed consolidation program (german) (french)

Additional, provisional information

3rd Call for Proposals Swiss Virtual Campus Consolidation Program

4th Call for SVC Projects

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