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In order to ensure that the Swiss Virtual Campus can develop within an optimal environment, the program also supports a number of mandates, which include more general studies or investigations that address the infrastructure necessary to support the program as a whole. These could deal with legal (copyright, data protection, etc.), didactic and ergonomic topics, economic (cost effectiveness, product marketing, etc.) or technical (edutech, etc.) questions or projects connected with the necessary credits system and certification of qualifications.

New and ongoing mandates:

Mandate “Guide des bonnes pratiques”
1. September 2006 - 31.October 2007
Prof. Dr. Maia Wentland, University of Lausanne, Vice-president Steering Committee SVC
The Swiss Virtual Campus Program will come to an end in December 2007. As a contribution to ensuring sustainability and facilitating the integration of e-learning modules in ad hoc curricula, a guide of good e-learning practices is proposed for use by the SVC Community.

A survey, that will allow for an up-to-date comparison of actual practices, will be mainly conducted in North America, Canada and France but it will also integrate information coming from UK, Germany and perhaps Australia. Recommendations will be made that are based on the “best-of” of what is being done both in academic and industrial contexts and adapted to the local Swiss situation.

1 January 2004 to 31 December 2007
Dr. Jacques Monnard, Dr. Rolf Brugger, Sven Jenzer,
Pauline McNamara, Andreas Röllinghoff,
Centre NTE, Université de Fribourg

A Manual for Program Evaluation
First mandate phase: 1.7.2004 - 31.12 2005
Second phase of the mandate: february 2006 until september 2007
Institut für Arbeitspsychologie, Prof. Dr. Theo Wehner, ETH Zürich
Nelkenstrasse 11, 8092 Zürich
Contact: Verena Friedrich,
Tel. +41 (01) 6 32 77 44
Fax. +41 (01) 6 32 11 86
The mandate would strengthen collaboration between Swiss universities and would make use of the wide range of expertise with ICT impact evaluation which already exists within the SVC and at other institutions.
The SVC will be provided with an instrument which is based on this expertise and which can be applied to SVC program and project evaluations.

Sustainable Implementation of eLearning
Dr. Sabine Seufert, Prof. Dr. Dieter Euler Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning SCIL - University of St. Gallen.
The Steering Committee SVC mandated SCIL at the end of 2005 in order to get advices for the conception of a future « Swiss Virtual Campus ». Next to the experiences and rapports which will be transmitted to SCIL by the SVC, the work of the mandate – and consequently the potential conception of the eLearning-initiatives after 2007 – will mostly relay on the experiences and the inputs of the SVC Community.
Final report, October 2006 (pdf, 1 MB)

Finished mandates:

CritiQuest (RISET): Le mandat "CritiQuest" a été soutenu dans le cadre du Campus Virtuel Suisse et réalisé par le CCSP de l'Université de Lausanne, RISET - Réseau Interfacultaire de Soutien Enseignement et Technologies. Ce guide sera sans aucun doute un précieux outil de travail - d'usage quotidien - pour les chefs de projets et/ou les enseignants impliqués dans la conception et la gestion de projets de cours en ligne. Il se compose de différentes fiches d'aide et de suivi des décisions devant accompagner les différentes phases et étapes d'un projet eLearning.
L'utilité et l'intérêt de ce guide se manifesteront par la possibilité qu'il offre de:

  • soutenir la réflexion et à la décision tout au long du projet,
  • conserver un historique des raisonnements et choix intervenant dans les diverses dimensions du projet (pédagogique, technologique, académique, managériale, etc.),
  • identifier les oublis et diagnostiquer les problèmes à régler et de - visualiser l’enchaînement des étapes.

Critiquest Guide (in PDF-format) : Englisch / German / French / Italian

IntersTICES (TECFA): website

eQuality: website

EDUM: Educational Management

Forum New Learning
1 April 2004 to1 April 2005, Prof. Dr. Andreas Ninck,
Andreas Röllinghoff, Michal Lawniczak,
Berner Fachhochschule

GIRAFE Groupe Inter-universitaire Romand d'Accompagnement et de Formation en E-Learning
1 April 2004 to 30 June 2005
Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Vice-rectrice
Dr. Daniel Peraya, MER, University of Geneva

SVC Status Reports and Project Monitoring
1.7.2004 - 30.9.2005
Consolidated Results (pdf, 200 KB)

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Oelkers
Dr. Cornelia Rizek-Pfister
Dr. Damian Miller

Pädagogisches Institut der Universität Zürich, Gloriastrasse 18a, 8006 Zürich
Fachbereich Allgemeine Pädagogik
Contact: Frau Sonja Geiser
Tel.: (0041) (0)1 634 25 92
Fax.: (0041) (0)1 634 43 52

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