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Project outline
  E-Teaching Network for Training and Support (eTeach-Net)

University of Geneva (Project Leader)
Universities of Applied Sciences of Basel, Bern, Fribourg and Southern Switzerland
Universities of Basel, St. Gallen and Lugano
Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

eTeach-Net is a joint project run by partners from nine different institutions of higher education. The main goal is the development of reusable teaching modules pertaining to technical, pedagogical and didactical concepts of teaching and learning with new technologies.

The modules will be used chiefly in connection with post-graduate courses. For example, five modules will form an integral part of an international diploma course in engineering pedagogics. One of the modules will be used for a human resources management course leading to a Master’s degree. Another module will be an integral part of a Master’s course in educational technology. Part of the material is also to be used for the continuous training of university lecturers (above all of partners involved in the pedagogical support program), or will be reprocessed in such a way that it is available to students for reworking courses independently.

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