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Project outline
TransTech - Language Technology for Translators

Geneva University (Project Leader)
Zurich University
Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur
Star AG

Translators must understand the basic concepts and methods of language technologies in order to appreciate the way these technologies work, to use them productively and to help shape their future development.

Web-based learning modules can provide this knowledge very flexibly, using a combination of real and virtual meetings and targeted exercises. The TransTech project is aimed at developing expandable and adaptable translation technology modules to be used as an integral part of translation courses, as a teaching tool in related fields (e.g. computational linguistics) as well as for the continuous training of professional translators.

The project is designed to help put an end to the dearth of technology-oriented courses in the field of academic training, and also to help professional translators keep track of new developments in technology. Furthermore, tele-translation is a sector in its own right which is rapidly gaining in importance.

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