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Project outline
Microsoft Research Award Virtual Internet and Telecommunications Laboratory of Switzerland

University of Bern (Project Leader), Neuchâtel and Freiburg.
Virtual Internet and Telecommunications Laboratory of Switzerland

We intend to improve our computer science curriculum's attractiveness by offering remotely accessible e-learning modules. Each module imparts knowledge of important lecture subjects of telecommunications and computer networks. The course follows a constructivist approach and problem oriented learning. All modules contain hands-on sessions with simulations, emulations or real devices. The different modules can be integrated with lectures and class-room exercises into larger courses, mainly on Bachelor level.

VITELS mainly targets on computer science students on Bachelor level but can also be used by students from other disciplines (e.g. economics or natural sciences) taking computer science as a minor subject. Each module takes typically 10-20 hours for preparing, executing and final evaluation of a practical experiment. Each module is equivalent with a certain number of ECTS, assuming that 1 ECTS point equals 30 hours of working time.

Available modules: Simulation if IP Network Configuration, Client/Server Concepts, IP Security, Firewall Management, Sockets and RPC, Remote Method Invocation, Application Server, Security and Privacy in the Internet, Wireless LAN.

A glimpse at the course
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